About this Blog

First of all we are not professional bloggers, neither are we food connoisseurs nor experts in spas and massages.  We are simply a group of people who love to eat, hang out and get a massage every once in a while.

We know there are countless blogs about food and dining, spas and recreational places.  We want to make it clear that we do not intend to clash with these sites, rather, we want to complement them.  We try out some of their recommendations and try to find out how good or bad these places or activities are for ourselves, so you won't have to make the same mistakes we do...

We simply want to share our experience on the places we've enjoyed, the food you might want to sample (*ahem* devour daw sabi nung isa dito!), recreational activities you may want to try and some nightmares you may want to avoid.

Since we are Filipinos, we might interject Filipino words and phrases every now and then.  These words and phrases will be italicized to avoid confusion.   Don't worry though, these are just simple comments meant to be funny, that are better stated in our language and much "funnier" and will lose much of the meaning when they are translated to English.  Rest assured, however, that they are not meant to mislead nor insult people of other languages.

Since we live in the Philippines, most of the reviews and blogs will be restaurants, cafes, spas and similar places in the Philippines (obvious ba?).Though every now and then we will write about places we've visited overseas (Wow! Nakaka-abroad din pala kami!).

If there are anything you'd like to ask us, don't hesitate to do so in the comments section.  We will be sure to reply to your comments as soon as we can.

The format of our reviews will go like this:

1. Name of the Place;
2. Branch and Location;
3. How to get there;
4. First Impression;
5. Cuisine, products or services offered;
6. What we had;
7. Estimated Cost; and
8. Conclusion.

On Conclusion:

1 - Avoid this place at all cost! (Wag mo ng subukan!)
2 - You may want to try some other place...(Pwede na, kung wala ka ng ibang choice!)
3 - You could try it but we don't recommend it. (Pwede na paminsan-minsan)
4 - Ordinary/Undecided - Nothing special, nothing too bad.
5 - Could be worth your while.
6 - Someplace you could recommend to your friends.
7 - You'll surely be back for more.

Update (2011/08/16):

Just to clarify our ratings can be simplified into 3 grades: Not Good, Undecided, and Good.  The ratings 1-3 is not Good.  A rating of 4 means we are undecided.  A rating between 5-7 means its good.

To expound:

1 - As earlier stated it is a place you would avoid no matter what.  Unless of course you are dying of hunger and there are no other restaurants in the area which can alleviate your hunger.  Bad service, over-priced, and the bad taste (unpalatable food or not a relaxing experience).

2 - You have a combination of 2 of the 3 elements (bad service, over-priced and bad taste).

3 - It is acceptable, a place you would normally go to but is just ordinary, it is not something you would recommend to other.

4 - Simply undecided, could go either way.

5 - The place/experience is good, it is where one would normally eat, but not one you would normally recommend to others.

6 - This place/experience immediately comes to mind when someone asks for a recommendation.

7 - This is the kind of place/experience where you do not wait for someone to ask for a recommendation, you initiate the conversation and recommend it to your friends and family.

If you have question or comments on any of our posts, please feel free to do in the comments section, inappropriate comments or spam will be deleted.  Thank you.

We might divert from this once in a while, but this will be the basic format.  If you've tried some of the places we've been through, you might want to share your experiences in our comments section as well.  We also accept recommendations on new places we visit and new experiences we could savor.

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